Why we are the most clicked?

Hello (Meowww), nice to meet you I’m Blaky Birba, CEO of Cats On Web http://catsonweb.tumblr.com ! Welcome to our furry and soft community of cats! Did you know that we’re the cats Top animals here on the internet? There are many opinions out there as to Laura Moss on http://www.mnn.com describing us as creatures with a great history behind it (yes we are cool 😉 ), but we hairballs that we manage this community have a different opinion:


Cat-boxIt is very simple, we hairballs are the kings of our house, we have control on our servitude, human beings, who are always there to play the computer when we leave a few hours’ break from the service and then enter them into play and begin to put in front of the monitor or keyboard, meowing and pressing the keys, giving a clear sign of our determination to become stars on the Internet and make known to the whole world our supremacy…

Our servants, seeing day after day near the computer or in front of the monitor to try to catch the mouse, animals and consequently our covert strategy of brainwashing has produced this result so that all beings were instructed to identifying ourselves as image leader in the field humans can identify subconsciously as their undisputed masters, so saving us having to rub on your legs to make us give a little to eat or a roof to sleep, so you no longer have to pay them rent them the food we eat, make us do massages and caresses to liking, claw the sofa, topple everything that’s on the table on the floor and hang from hair!

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